Powers and duties of Council

19.1 The business of the Association shall be managed by the Council, who may exercise all such powers of the Association and do on behalf of the Association all such acts as may be exercised and done by the Association and as are not by the Act or by these Articles required to be exercised or done by the Association in general meeting, subject nevertheless to the provisions of these Articles and of the Act and to such regulations being not inconsistent with the aforesaid provisions as may be prescribed by the Association in general meeting, but no regulation made by the Association in general meeting shall invalidate any prior act of the Council which would have been valid if such regulation had not been made.

19.2 The Council may delegate any of their powers to committees consisting of such ordinary or other Members as may from time to time be determined by the Council. The President and the Vice-Presidents shall be ex-officio Members of every committee of the Council Every such committee shall elect a chairman, who need not necessarily be the President or a Vice-President. Every such committee shall in the exercise of the power so delegated conform to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the Council.

19.3 The meetings and proceedings of any such committee shall be governed by the provisions of these Articles regulating the meetings and proceedings of the Council so far as the same are applicable and are not superseded by any regulations made by the Council under the last preceding Article.