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By becoming an ECTA member, you will not only be able to attend the ECTA conferences on IP matters at a reduced rate but also benefit of a full range of services such as regular ECTA Flash issues informing you of ongoing IP matters, ECTA Gazettes providing you with more in-depth analyses, the conference speeches and discussions in a CD Rom.

Join us today and let us work together on the future of Europe.

If you would like to join the Association, please complete the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM- or DOWNLOAD and send it to the:

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N.B. The amount of the annual subscription to the Association is 255 EUR for Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate membership categories and 127,50 EUR for Student, Recently graduated and Retired membership categories.

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4 Good reasons to become and remain an ECTA Member

By becoming an ECTA member you will benefit from our vast experience, knowledge sharing and promotional initiatives, gaining access to highly specialized trade mark, design, copyright and related information as well as numerous European and non-European attorneys who share your interests. There are many reasons for you to consider joining the professional, yet convivial , ECTA including:


ECTA is recognized as a peer by the European Commission, OHIM and WIPO,and has more than 30 years’ experience in promoting its members’ knowledge and professionalism. ECTA was the primary non-governmental professional association involved in the introduction of the CTM system during 1996 and has remained actively involved in the refinement and improvement of this very successful unitary trade mark system. This has been highly beneficial to ECTA members, many of whom have been actively involved in promoting, positively influencing and bringing about important changes in the fields of IP in Europe.


ECTA provides an ideal forum for knowledge exchange and sharing and is an accredited professional Association in many countries for trade mark attorneys, lawyers (whether in private practice or industry) and academics who wish to maintain and expand their knowledge in the fields of Intellectual Property. ECTA publishes bi-annual gazettes and ECTA Committee reports, providing updates and analysis of recent IP cases and issues. ECTA also publishes law books, produces Position Papers on topical and important IP issues, publishes pan-European IP surveys and the electronic ECTA FLASH newsletter that will arrive in your inbox every second week.

Networking and Professional Relationships

Membership of ECTA will provide you with good opportunities to expand your professional network. For example, you will be able to network with the 800+ attendees during the ECTA annual conference, participate in the specialized ECTA Committees (Anti-Counterfeiting, Advisory, Design, Geographical Indications, Harmonization, Internet, Law, Management, Membership and Disciplinary, OHIM Link, Professional Affairs, Publications), join the round table discussions that take place in the offices of ECTA members in individual EU Member States, reflect the fact of your ECTA membership in your professional stationery and on your website and identify fellow ECTA members in the online Membership Directory on the ECTA website.


Well planned annual ECTA Conferences in various major European cities provide ECTA members with an ideal opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in European and other significant IP legislation, litigation and practice and participate in related discussions. ECTA also provides easy access to a well-structured and informative website as well as a professional and service minded Secretariat. These are only some of the benefits and services which you may expect, at reasonable cost, being an ECTA member.