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EUIPO Customer Panel on the new key user programme
The EUIPO Customer Panel on the New Key User Programme will be held online on 5 and 19 October 2020. ECTA will be represented by three of its members.

The Key User Programme (KUP), in place since 2013, is now well established with nearly 800 Key Users on board. In the context of the Strategic Plan 2025, the Key User Programme will consolidate the partnership between the EUIPO and Key Users, by continuing to work together for mutual benefit and, in particular, for the benefit of end users and European businesses. The main objectives will be to look for common solutions to improve quality and increase Key User satisfaction.

In particular, the purpose of the Customer Panel on the new Key User Programme is:

1. to better understand what information, services, assistance the different categories of customers need to manage their IP portfolio efficiently and what is expected of the EUIPO;

2. to better understand the perspective of customers on how effectively the EUIPO support services and the KUP are satisfying needs and expectations;

3. to outline possible improvements to the existing KUP services and possible new services.