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Anti-Scam Activities
IP right owners often receive requests for payment for unnecessary or unwanted services from entities or companies whose main purpose is to mislead or deceive, as the configuration of such requests for payment makes them appear to come directly from IP Offices or registers or official organisations.
In 2014, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) promoted the creation of a network of organisations, national offices and other interested entities with the aim of fighting this type of unfair and deceptive practices in a united and harmonised way. This network is called the Anti-Scam Network.
ECTA, as one of the world's most reputable and important associations of IP users and practitioners, decided to join this network from its inception with the aim of working and supporting its initiatives in order to combat such misleading practices, which damage the credibility and security of the system and which deliberately and unjustifiably harm trade mark owners.
In this sense, and with the aim of preventing this type of deceptive behaviour, the Anti-Scam Network, through the EUIPO’s website, has published a list of companies or registries that have sent and/or continue sending misleading invoices to IP right owners. This list is accessible via this link.
Anti-Scam Network members meet regularly to discuss recent developments in the Anti-Scam activities, successful actions against scammers, the work programme of the Network and next steps. An ECTA representative always attends the meetings.

If you have received misleading invoices please feel free to send a copy to, so we can inform the Anti-Scam Network and act against scammers.

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