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EUIPO has recently published its August eLearning courses. Each course is available in English.

The Hague System: Geneva Act & Roles of the Office of a Contracting Party - (21 min) Basic - LINK

The Geneva Act: A Roadmap Towards Accession - (29 min) Basic - LINK

The objective of both these e-learning courses is to provide legal and technical assistance in preparations for accession to as well as the post-accession of the implementation of the Hague Agreement for the ASEAN Member States.

The Brompton bicycle CJEU decision – Where do functional shapes now stand in EU copyright law? - (52 min) Advanced - LINK

This webinar analyses the CJEU’s decision of 11 June 2020 (Case C‑833/18, SI, Brompton Bicycle Ltd. v. Chedech / Get2Get). This decision explains how copyright law applies to functional shapes and beyond.

Training on the Revised ASEAN Trade Mark Guidelines - (80 min) Basic - LINK

This series of online training modules aims to introduce the new updates in the revised ASEAN Common Guidelines for the Substantive Examination of Marks.

For further information on the eLearning courses and their speakers, please visit the Academy's Learning Portal.
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