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The ECTA Annual Conference is almost at full capacity, with only a few places remaining. If you haven't registered yet, do so quickly here to join over 900 IP professionals! The educational program is extensive, encompassing a variety of hot IP topics. Delegates will also engage in discussions on copycats in a session moderated by Julien Scicluna, ECTA Secretary General from France. 1. Introduce yourself and your link to ECTA. I have been a member of ECTA since 2006 and was involved in several Committees before chairing the International Trade Committee. I am now ECTA's Secretary General. 2. Introduce the topic of your Conference session. We will explore how to respond to copycats when the standard legal tools do not apply, or not fully. You know it is a copy, but it does not infringe on your rights, how do you act? We will consider the practitioner's point of view and that of industry. We will also delve into the mind of the consumer and see what neurosciences teach us on the likelihood of confusion. Watch out for the survey that will be circulated during the conference via the app and see the results during our session! 3. Introduce the panel of your Conference session. - Stoyan Sirakov is a seasoned IP Attorney from Bulgaria and a long-standing ECTA member. He will update us on the current practice in dealing with copycats throughout the EU. - Birte Vanrobaeys has a vast experience as an in-house Attorney at Versuni (The Netherlands) and will share her strategy in handling copycats. - Femke van Horen is Professor of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at the Marketing Department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands). She has applied her research to understanding product imitation and consumer behaviour. 4. Why should Conference participants join your session, and to whom in particular will your session be directed? This session is a must for all IP practitioners interested in this ‘grey area’ of IP law and in legally apprehending lookalikes. The input of fundamental research on the question is particularly stimulating and challenges our legal knowledge. 5. Why should IP colleagues register for the ECTA Annual Conference? As we often say, ECTA is Family and you don't want to miss out on our annual gathering, bringing together friends, networking and knowledge all wrapped up in a great place! **Find out more about the other educational sessions here or watch the video teaser about the academic program here!**
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Coinciding with today’s World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the EUIPO Observatory has launched the ‘Play Fair’ campaign on the negative effects of counterfeiting and piracy on the viability of sports and the sports sector. This year, Europe is the epicentre of sport events as the world is gearing up to watch UEFA EURO 2024, Tour de France as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games. But as Europeans prepare to tune into the biggest broadcast sporting events, millions of them may do so illegally. According to an EUIPO study on EU citizens’ perception, awareness, and behaviour, 12% of EU citizens had accessed or streamed sports content from illegal sources. When it comes to youngsters aged 15-24, 27% admit to using illegal online channels to watch sports. Besides sports broadcasting, across the EU, fake sports equipment cost manufacturers €850 million per year, accounting for 11% of lost sales in the sector. 10% of young Europeans from 15-24 years old knowingly purchased fake sports equipment online. Last but not least, through a recent operation targeting counterfeit goods infringing well-known brands, police authorities throughout Europe detected and seized 8 million counterfeit sporting goods with an estimated retail value of €120 million. Find out more about this data and the EUIPO’s awareness campaign launched today here. --- ECTA recognises the significance of the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day in raising awareness about the realities and consequences of counterfeiting. Our association is dedicated to combating counterfeiting by sharing professional experience and best practices at the EU level and beyond, particularly through our Anti-Counterfeiting Committee.
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The European Commission has just launched the public consultation on the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch-List, which will serve as a basis for the Commission’s Staff Working Document on the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch-List to be adopted in Q2 of 2025. The Watch-List list will identify and describe the reportedly most problematic marketplaces and service providers to encourage their operators and owners, as well as the responsible local authorities and governments to take the necessary actions and measures to reduce the availability of IPR infringing goods or services. The Watch-List will not be an exhaustive list and will not purport to make findings of legal violations. Should you be interested in contributing to this consultation, please submit your individual input HERE by 15 August 2024. In case of questions, please send an email to
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Council of Europe adopts first international treaty on artificial intelligence
The Council of Europe has adopted the first-ever international legally binding treaty on artificial intelligence aimed at ensuring the respect of human rights, the rule of law and democracy legal standards in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. More details can be found here.
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ECTA Files its first Amicus Curiae Brief
We are pleased to inform our members that ECTA has recently filed its first Amicus Curiae Brief ever in the Referral by the EUIPO Executive Director of 22 February 2024, regarding the decision of the Fourth Board of Appeal in the case R 1241/2020-4 of 9 September 2022, ‘Nightwatch’. The case, which will be heard by the EUIPO enlarged Board of Appeal (Grand Board), regards the Board’s decision that ‘conversion’ shall not be excluded under Article 139(2) EUTMR where the Office refuses an EUTM application and then the EUTM applicant withdraws its application during the appeal period without filing first an appeal. Since the Board decision contradicts the long-standing practice in the Office’s Guidelines concerning conversion of an EUTM, and the matter has not come before the Court of Justice of the European Union (‘CJEU’), it was considered appropriate, in the interest of legal certainty and consistency, to obtain the Grand Board’s opinion which would bind the Boards of Appeals pursuant to Article 166(8) EUTMR and which would not be impeachable by any later Board of Appeal decision. Accordingly, the EUIPO Executive Director posed five questions to the Grand Board, which were analysed and answered by ECTA in the submitted brief, with the assistance of its ECTA Amicus Curiae Task Force. --- We wish to extend our gratitude to the ECTA Amicus Curiae Task Force for their dedicated efforts in compiling the recommendations for the Grand Board and for reaching this significant milestone in the history of our association.
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Europol IP Crime Conference (Madrid, 24-25 October 2024)
We are pleased to inform ECTA members that the 2024 Europol IP Crime Conference, themed ‘Follow the Money to Fight IP Crime’, will be held in Madrid on 24-25 October 2024. The event, jointly organised by Europol, EUIPO, and the Spanish Guardia Civil, will bring together experts from law enforcement, private sector, and academia to discuss best practices, opportunities, and challenges in the fight against IP crime. Participation is free of charge. The venue and registration link will be communicated soon. Should you have any queries in the meantime, please send an email to
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The ECTA Annual Conference is just around the corner! There is still a chance to register, hurry up and secure your spot here! Following the very recent adoption by the WIPO Member States of a new international WIPO Treaty on IP, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge, the Conference attendees will gain first-hand information on this historic development and discuss further how to protect traditional creativity and cultural expressions in a session moderated by Jordi Güell (GÜELL IP, Spain). 1. Introduce yourself and your link to ECTA. I am the Treasurer of ECTA and member of the Board of Directors. My involvement with ECTA dates back to 1996, when I attended my first ECTA Annual Conference in Alicante, the year when the EUIPO (at that time OHIM) started operating. I was very young at that time - In fact, it was the year when I started working in IP. 2. Introduce the topic of your Conference session. Indigenous art copied onto carpets, T-shirts and greeting cards, traditional music fused with techno-house dance rhythms to produce best-selling albums, handwoven carpets and handicrafts copied and sold as ‘authentic’, the process for making a traditional musical instrument patented, indigenous words and names trademarked and used commercially. These are the kinds of examples that Indigenous and other traditional and cultural communities cite when arguing that traditional creativity and cultural expressions require greater protection. Are they original works? Who do they belong to? Are they in the public domain? And most importantly, is intellectual property the best way to protect them? In this session, we will try to shed some light on this. 3. Introduce the panel of your Conference session. The session will start with a presentation from Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General of WIPO, who will introduce the topic and will brief us on the recent Treaty adopted by WIPO Member States on IP, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge. This is the first WIPO Treaty to address the interface between IP, genetic resources and traditional knowledge held by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. It is a real privilege to have Mr Kwakwa on our panel. Marie Malaurie, Law Professor in Paris, will be speaking about the sensitive and political topic of cultural appropriation in the field of fashion. As an academic, Marie Malaurie's intervention will present the theoretical debates on the subject as well as the legal, national and international instruments. Finally, Nick Holmes, IP lawyer from Australia, will be speaking about the importance of Indigenous culture from an Australian and New Zealand perspective, contrasting significant differences between the recognition given to each country’s Indigenous peoples. His presentation aims to provide practical real-world discussion on why laws are not the only ways in which indigenous IP can be protected and how brand owners can work with indigenous artists collaboratively. Nick will also present examples of the Māori “haka” from his home country of Aotearoa New Zealand, which should wake up any tired ECTA attendees! 4. Why should Conference participants join your session, and at whom in particular will your session be directed? The session is addressed to all IP professionals who are interested in knowing more about the relationship between IP protection and the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage. 5. Why should IP colleagues register for the ECTA Annual Conference? ECTA combines top-quality sessions with a great atmosphere. This year, we will have around 900 attendees and we have prepared everything with the utmost care. The Gala Dinner at Handelsbeurs will be the cherry on top! **Find out more about the other educational sessions here or watch the video teaser about the academic program here!**
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Historic New Treaty Adopted Today on IP, Genetic Resources, and Associated Traditional Knowledge
Today, in a landmark decision, WIPO Member States adopted a Treaty on IP, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge. This historic agreement concludes decades of negotiations that began at WIPO some 25 years ago. This is the first WIPO Treaty to address the interface between IP, genetic resources and traditional knowledge held by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The Treaty will come into force once it reaches 15 contracting parties, and will establish a new disclosure of origin requirement for patent applicants whose inventions are based on genetic resources and/or associated traditional knowledge used in their inventions. ECTA closely followed these developments, and representatives of our association, Julien Scicluna (Secretary General) and Anna Ostanina (Head of Legal Affairs) attended the final stage negotiations during the Diplomatic Conference in Geneva from 13 to 24 May 2024. To find our more, please consult the official press release here.
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Today the Council approved the so-called Artificial Intelligence Act, aiming to harmonise rules on artificial intelligence. The legislative act will be published in the EU’s Official Journal in the coming days and enter into force twenty days after this publication. The new regulation will apply two years after its entry into force, with some exceptions for specific provisions. To find out more, please read here.
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ECTA Member’s Voice: New revised regulation on geographical indications for agricultural sector enters into force
By Aitor Pomares, ECTA Geographical Indications Committee Vice-Chair, Berenguer & Pomares abogados, Spain The new revised regulation on geographical indications for agricultural products, wines, and spirit drinks, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 23 April 2024, has officially entered into force today. The new Regulation lays down the rules applicable to wine, spirit drinks and agricultural products, consolidating the previously dispersed Regulations into a single legal text. Along with the recently adopted Regulation on GIs for craft and industrial products, the two texts will now govern the EU system of GIs. The already broad scope of protection afforded to these rights is reinforced by including enforcement against conflicting domain names or online practices. In that regard, GIs can now be invoked as earlier rights in domain name disputes, while Member States shall take measures to block access to infringing domain names. Furthermore, the new text ensures better protection for GIs when they are used as ingredients in processed products, while also empowering recognised producer groups with increased control over these practices. In general terms, the role of the producer groups is reinforced by assigning them more responsibilities on the management of their GIs and establishing a clearer a more comprehensive legal framework. Moreover, emphasis is placed on the significance of sustainability. Recognised producer groups have the opportunity to establish agreed-upon sustainable practices to be adhered to in the production. For those purposes, a concise definition of sustainable practices is provided. While the European Commission (DG AGRI) remains responsible for the registration of GIs for these types of products, some tasks are entrusted to the EUIPO, such as establishing and managing a domain name information and alert system, as well as maintaining and keeping the GI register up-to-date with respect to registrations, amendments and cancellations of these names. ECTA Geographical Indications Committee’s comment: “The new Regulation represents significant progress for the protection of GIs, consolidating the EU sui generis system as the most advanced and comprehensively regulated. The industrial property nature of GIs is at the core of this legislative reform, which aims to address certain gaps in the previous regulations, such as in the area of the management of these collective rights or trying to extend protection to all the fields where infringements may occur. ECTA and its Geographical Indications Committee have actively participated in the public consultations that have preceded the adoption of this Regulation, as well as the Regulation on GIs for craft and industrial products. Our position papers on the protection of GIs as ingredients and on the legal framework of the scope of protection of GIs anticipated some of the issues that have been addressed in the new Regulation. The ECTA Alicante Round Table of March 2023 was dedicated to the GI reform, while a session on non-agri GIs was held during the ECTA Annual Conference in Prague of June 2023.” ----- The views expressed are those of our members and not necessarily of ECTA as an association. The content has not been subjected to a verification process, the accuracy of the information contained in the article is responsibility of the author.
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REGISTER NOW and join us at the ECTA 42nd Annual Conference in Antwerp! As always at the ECTA Annual Conference, our attendees will benefit from the traditional session on the most recent EU case law, this year moderated by Marie-Christine Seiler (Merx Pütz Rechtsanwälte PartmbB, Germany): Introduce yourself and your link to ECTA. My name is Marie-Christine Seiler. I am a German attorney at law and partner in the Munich law firm Merx Pütz Rechtsanwälte, active in IP, health & beauty. I have been an enthusiastic member of ECTA for decades and am currently Vice-Chair of the ECTA Harmonization Committee and part of the ECTA Supervisory Board. I am very much looking forward to moderating the traditional ECTA case law session at the next Annual Conference in Antwerp and seeing you there! Introduce the topic of your Conference session. This session on Friday afternoon will provide you with a compact overview of the latest EU case law with important key decisions of the EUIPO, the GC, the CJEU and the EU trade mark courts. In addition, these decisions will be explained and analysed by three absolute legal experts. Introduce the panel of your Conference session. My panel for ECTA’s case law session is made up of three high-calibre speakers: • Judge Gustavo Andrés Martín, European Union Trade Mark Court, Spain • Virginia Melgar, Chairperson of the 5th Board of Appeal at EUIPO • Alexander von Mühlendahl, German attorney at law at Bardehle Padenberg, DE Why should Conference participants join your session, and to whom in particular will your session be directed? Our EU case law session is clearly a highlight of the ECTA Annual Conference. The judgments and their detailed analyses promise an excellent update of recent key decisions that simply need to be known. The three speakers will report from their practical experience and share their insights. This session is, therefore, of high interest to everyone in the world of IP - from IP beginners to the more experienced colleagues. Why should IP colleagues register for the ECTA Annual Conference? At the ECTA Annual Conference, hundreds of IP enthusiasts and experts meet to exchange ideas and experiences and also to further their legal education. The presentations offered cover basically all areas of IP law, from trade marks, designs, copyright and unfair competition to - brand new - patents, so there is something of interest for everyone. The Conference is also a great opportunity to build and expand your international network of professionals, colleagues and friends and to keep in touch in person. And all this takes place in a marvellous setting in interesting locations and cities, this year in magnificent Antwerp. You won't regret it - be part of it! **Find out more about the other educational sessions here or watch the video teaser about the academic program here!**
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ECTA MEMBER’S VOICE: Revised Geographical Indication Protection Regime Commenced in New Zealand on 1 May
By Nick Holmes, ECTA member, Davies Collison Cave Law, Australia & New Zealand As of yesterday, 1 May 2024, the use of 1,975 geographical indications was restricted in Aotearoa New Zealand, as its renamed Geographical Indications Registration Act 2006 came into force. This development is based in part upon requirements set out in the European Union-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement and is the first time that European geographical indications for goods other than wines and spirits will be protected against misuse in New Zealand. European food and beverage manufacturers may be very happy with this news, particularly as the GI Act includes: 1. automatic and enduring protection of geographical indications covered by the Free Trade Agreement against misuse (including in translation or transliteration); 2. enhanced civil and administrative enforcement regimes, which will allow any person “with an interest in upholding the restrictions on use of the registered geographical indication” to commence proceedings in the High Court to seek relief for a breach of a restriction on the use of a registered geographical indication; 3. the creation of GI officers who can enforce compliance with the restrictions on the use of a registered GI; 4. the implementation of border protection measures to allow for New Zealand Customs to investigate, inspect, intercept and detain goods suspected to breach a restriction on use of a GI. Interestingly, other than in relation to wines and spirits (where the existing procedures continue), it will not be possible to directly register new geographical indications in New Zealand for other agricultural products except through the mechanisms provided in the Free Trade Agreement. Members working with European geographical indication management authorities should now include New Zealand as part of their enforcement efforts, and brand owners seeking to register marks in New Zealand for food and beverages may need to take extra care, to see if their trade mark contains one of the GIs covered by the GI Act. The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand has also provided helpful information on these developments, and their impact upon trade mark registration here. ----- The views expressed are those of our members and not necessarily of ECTA as an association. The content has not been subjected to a verification process, the accuracy of the information contained in the article is responsibility of the author.
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EUIPO Report on Green EU Trade Mark Update
On the occasion of the World IP Day, themed ‘IP and SDGs’, the EUIPO has released its latest report on Green EU Trade Mark trends. According to the report, in 2022, green EUTMs increased, constituting 14.5% of all trade marks applications at the EUIPO. Green EUTMs performed better than non-green EUTMs applications, and green EUTMs from EU firms performed better than those from non-EU applicants. Find out more in the full report and executive summary here. The ECTA 42nd Annual Conference in Antwerp will place a significant focus on sustainability and one of its educational sessions will be dedicated to green trade marks! Find our more about this session in the interview with moderator here!
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Happy World IP Day! Join the Buzz of the ECTA Hive!
Happy World IP Day! This year’s theme is 'IP and Sustainable Development Goals', highlighting how intellectual property can amplify the innovative and creative solutions that are so crucial to building our common future. Sustainability will be the focus of the ECTA Annual Conference in Antwerp (19-22 June 2024) and, today, we are thrilled to announce a special initiative: for every Conference attendee 1€ will be donated toward the adoption of an ECTA beehive in Belgium! Bees are the heroes of our ecosystem, fostering biodiversity and playing a pivotal role in pollination and ecological balance. We are happy to cooperate with Bees-Api Brussels, a group of passionate beekeepers, who will establish and be the guardians of our ECTA hive with utmost respect for nature and using sustainable methods that prioritize the health of bees and their habitat. Conference attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with our beekeepers at a dedicated booth in Antwerp, support them, and gain deeper insights into the vital role of bees in our environment. We aspire to make a positive impact through our ECTA community and help preserve the natural beauty of our planet. Join the buzz and BEE an attendee!
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REGISTER NOW for the ECTA 42nd Annual Conference in Antwerp! We will kickstart the Conference academic program by learning more about IP mediation and ADR in a session moderated by F. Peter Müller, Müller Schupfner & Partner, DE. 1. Introduce yourself and your link to ECTA. My name is F. Peter Müller and I have the honour to moderate the Wednesday workshop on ADR in the IP field together with representatives from the EUIPO and practitioners from the EU, China, and the US. I have been a member of ECTA since 1996 and served as President between 2014 and 2016. Currently, I am Chair of the newly established Patent Committee. I think ECTA is one of the best IP associations in the EU, especially because it brings together business opportunities, scientific discussions on IP, very valuable knowledge for my IP practice and good friends. 2. Introduce the topic of your Conference session. Our workshop delves into mediation and related ADR solutions on IP disputes, including oppositions, revocation actions, infringement actions - covering also patents - and this in an international environment. Speakers will talk about the new EUIPO Mediation Centre, ADR Resolutions in China and the US, the Singapore Convention, offering practical advice for initiating and conducting successful mediations while minimising time and costs. Additionally, attendees will gain insights from successful mediation cases shared by the speakers. 3. Introduce the panel of your Conference session. I am pleased to introduce our distinguished panel: • Sven Stürmann, EUIPO, ES • Michele Ferrante, Ferrante Intellectual Property, CN • Aurélia Marie, Cabinet Beau de Loménie, FR • Lisa Pearson, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, US 4. Why should Conference participants join your session, and at whom in particular will your session be directed? While tailored for litigators, I also recommend prosecutors to attend to understand what will happen to your IP rights if caught in negotiations. This session is also particularly beneficial for newcomers to ADR and young practitioners, but even experienced litigators might gain some new insights! 5. Why should IP colleagues register for the ECTA Annual Conference? The ECTA Annual Conference, which I have been attending for nearly 30 years now, offers a wealth of new information on current IP issues, aiding in the design of future applications and refining lists of goods and services. You will gain practical knowledge, which you can use immediately after the Conference. Moreover, you get to know colleagues from all over the world, fostering new business contacts, and the chance to assist EU colleagues, especially in disputes. Beyond its professional benefits, the Conference is always fun and attendees will make many friends there. **Find out more about the other educational sessions here or watch the video teaser about the academic program here!**
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REGISTER NOW and join us at the ECTA 42nd Annual Conference in Antwerp! Among numerous interesting panels, our attendees will also discuss around Diversity & Inclusion, fundamental for a forward-looking IP landscape, in a session moderated by Alberto Giordano, Chadha & Chadha, IN. 1. Introduce yourself and your link to ECTA. My name is Alberto Giordano, EU Trade Mark and Design Attorney. In 2020 I joined Chadha & Chadha IP to help foreign companies in protection and enforcement of IP rights in India. From 2021 I am serving the ECTA Programme Committee, and I actively participated in ECTA Conferences and seminars for some years already. 2. Introduce the topic of your Conference session. A world where everyone feels valued, respected and included is still a dream. Despite significant progress over the past years, there is still a lot of work to be done. During the panel, we aim to discuss and explore strategies for cultivating a diverse and inclusive workspace where all voices are heard and acknowledged. 3. Introduce the panel of your Conference session. I will have the pleasure of moderating a panel featuring esteemed professionals from diverse backgrounds: • Deborah Hampton, Trade Mark Team Leader at The Chemours Company, US • Davide Leiballi, EU Trade Mark and Design Attorney at Studio Legale Withers, IT • Roland de Meersman, Managing Director at ABAC-BAAN npo, BE They will share their experience from three different parts of the world, yet inspired by the same commitment to greater inclusivity. I really look forward to discussing with them and engaging with the audience. 4. Why should Conference participants join your session, and at whom in particular will your session be directed? This session welcomes all colleagues who aim for a brighter, more inclusive and diverse IP landscape and who are eager to share their ideas and experiences. This discussion is a pivotal moment for our association as we delve into D&I discussion for the first time in a Conference session. 5. Why should IP colleagues register for the ECTA Annual Conference? The ECTA Annual Conference is a key event for IP professionals, offering a rich array of academic sessions and unparalleled networking opportunities. By attending, you will immerse yourself in cutting-edge discussions, make meaningful connections and become part of the vibrant ECTA Family! **Find out more about the other educational sessions here or watch the video teaser about the academic program here!**
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Register free of charge for the ECTA ®etreat in The Hague 'Moving Beyond the Frontiers of IP' in collaboration with BOIP
Boost your CLE credits by attending the ECTA ®ETREAT in The Hague (18 April), co-organised with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). Register now to secure your place! This year's ®ETREAT is free of charge, do not miss this exceptional opportunity. We will move beyond the frontiers of IP with engaging discussions on: IP Valuation: Why, When, How? (Morning Session) This panel will discuss key aspects of IP valuation that play an important role based on a company's lifecycle. From inception to insolvency, the why, when and how of IP valuation will be addressed, including different methods of valuation and the importance of licensing. This session is moderated by Eline Schiebroek (BOIP, NL) and will feature Pieter Van Den Broecke (Linklaters LLP, BE), Stijn De Nijs (EY Strategy and Transactions, BE), Bart De Moor (Strelia, BE), and Nicole Ockl (TUI, DE). Exhaustion of IP Rights (Afternoon session) With the ECJ decision of 18 January 2024 in case C-367/21 (Hewlett Packard Development Company LP / Senetic S.A.) some IP professionals have referred to the effect of the decision as a paradigm shift, with regards to the burden of proof. The panel will discuss the decision and explore its expected impact on the issue of trade in unauthorized parallel imported products into the EU. This session is moderated by Gie van den Broek (LXA Attorneys, NL) and will feature Pieter Veeze (BOIP, NL), Janette Hamer (Forresters, UK), Maarten Haak (Hoogenraad & Haak, NL). Participants will have ample networking time during the lunch break and a cocktail reception following the ®ETREAT. You can consult the program here. Secure your spot soon, as capacity fills up quickly!
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The 2024 EUIPO Guidelines for examination of EU trade marks and registered Community designs came into force on 31 March 2024. The Guidelines outline the EUIPO’s general instructions to be applied in the most frequent scenarios and adapted to specific cases. Available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, the Guidelines can be accessed in either a clean version or a track-changed version, visible via the ‘show modification’ function, which highlights modifications compared to the previous edition. The EUIPO has also made available a webinar with an overview of the main changes introduced in this new edition. The webinar will answer the following questions: • Where can I find information on means of evidence? • What are the developments of the Office’s practice on virtual goods and non-fungible tokens? • What is seen as ‘best practices’ in proceedings before the Office? • What are the changes in practice brought about by recent case-law? ----- ECTA contributed actively during the last revision cycle of the Guidelines and thanks its members for their active participation.
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EU toolbox against counterfeiting adopted by European Commission
The European Commission has recently adopted a Recommendation to combat counterfeiting both offline and online, also known as the EU toolbox against counterfeiting. The toolbox aims to strengthen the enforcement of IPRs by improving collaboration between right holders, service providers, and law enforcement while encouraging best practices and the use of modern tools and technologies. To find out more about key actions and tools proposed, please consult the official press release here. The European Commission and the EUIPO will monitor the implementation of this Recommendation and will assess its effects within three years from the adoption.
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REGISTER for the ECTA Annual Conference in Antwerp!
The 42nd ECTA Annual Conference in Antwerp is coming up soon! REGISTER HERE! ECTA members can attend a reduced fee. If you are not a member, JOIN ECTA before registering for the Conference! Known as the city of diamonds, Antwerp offers a radiant setting for exploring the 'Many Facets of IP'. Secure your spot promptly to take advantage of the best pricing! Watch the video teaser of the Conference! The agenda is rich, covering a wide range of interests and with a focus on sustainability - a key for a better future. Check out the programme here, attendance options and prices here. Early Bird ends on 29 March! We have secured a number of rooms at various hotels close to the Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre Antwerp (FMCCA). For details on hotel options and reservation at ECTA rates and conditions, please refer to the confirmation email received upon registration, but hurry, ECTA rooms are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis! Attendees can expect great learning sessions on the latest IP trends and case law, as well as intensive networking in superb venues: welcome reception at Horta Grand Café (sponsored by: ALTIUS, DLA PIPER, ETHIKOS, GEVERS, INTEO, JANSON, KIRKPATRICK, NOVAGRAAF, WIGGIN), Belgian evening in the FMCCA gardens, and Gala Dinner at Handelsbeurs, the world's first purpose-built commodity exchange building. Antwerp's central location allows easy access for many colleagues as it is seamlessly connected by high-speed train to major cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Cologne - and is just a swift 30-minute train trip to/from Brussels International Airport. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to Antwerp!
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