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Apply for the new ECTA Patent Committee by 15 December!
As a result of the discussion held by the ECTA governing bodies at the ECTA Autumn Meeting in Turin, we are excited to announce a significant development in our association's scope of activities. ECTA decided to broaden its horizons into the exciting world of patents and establish the ECTA Patent Committee, chaired by F. Peter Müller (Müller Schupfner & Partner, Germany).

This ground breaking decision, from an association traditionally renowned for its expertise in other IPRs, follows recent developments such as the release of the Patent Package by the European Commission and the implementation of the Unitary Patent system.

Through this Committee, ECTA aims to become an expert interlocutor for the relevant institutions, with a focus on patent enforcement. For a detailed description and mission of the Patent Committee, please read here.

IP colleagues are invited to apply to this Committee if they have expertise in two or more of the following fields:

✔ patent litigation experience
✔ knowledge of the UPC system and/or are entitled to be representatives before the UPC
✔ knowledge of international patent enforcement (e.g. Brussels I Regulation, Lugano Convention, etc.)
✔ knowledge of and experience with SEPs
✔ knowledge of and experience with FRAND
✔ knowledge of and experience with compulsory licenses

The Patent Committee is set up as a temporary Committee for the next four years, comprising two terms of two years each, after which the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board will reassess the role of the Committee.

If you are not yet an ECTA member but are interested in serving on the Patent Committee, apply first to become an ECTA member here (the subscription fee will cover the rest of 2023 and 2024) and, in parallel, apply for the Patent Committee here by 15 December!

We look forward to receiving your candidacy!

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