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General Committee Elections are still running. Don’t forget to apply for a Committee of your choice by 5 March 2021 (no late applications can be accepted)!

Being part of an ECTA Committee is an invaluable opportunity to cooperate with many experienced professionals throughout the EU and beyond, actively contribute to relevant projects, get first-hand knowledge on all the developments in your area of interest within IP and much more. If you are interested, please carefully read the following documents before submitting your application:

- ECTA Committee Member Expectation Sheet (available when you log in to the ECTA private site/Library/Important ECTA policies)
- ECTA Bulletin article on General Committee Elections 2021
- Overview of our Committees

The Committee term constitutes two years and Committee members may serve on the same Committee for a maximum consecutive term of six years* (three periods of two years each).

Please note that Committee membership is not renewed automatically. Current Committee members will have to re-apply, if they have not yet reached the maximum term and wish to stay on the same Committee for a further term. Check how long you have been a member of the same Committee in ‘My Profile’ section of the ECTA website, in order to determine your eligibility. If you are not eligible, you can still submit your application for another Committee or, after a break of two years (in 2023), it is possible to reapply for your current Committee.

ECTA members should apply for ONLY ONE Committee membership* by filling in the online Application Form only ONCE.

All ECTA members, both from EU and non-EU, are invited to apply for a Committee. When completing the Application Form, please indicate where required your 1st and 2nd Committee choice of preference. The list of nominations will be forwarded to the respective Committee Chair for evaluation. In case you cannot be accepted in your 1st choice, you will be automatically considered for your 2nd choice.
Please, supplement your application by describing briefly your IP expertise and your previous ECTA involvement (if any) where indicated in the Application Form. The outcome of your application will be known in May/June 2021.

The Committees change-over date is on 1 July 2021, the newly composed Committees will become operational from that date onwards.

In order to apply for a Committee of your choice make sure to submit your candidacy by completing the APPLICATION FORM.

*There may be exceptions to the general rules, namely the possibility to serve in two Committees or to exceed the maximum consecutive term of six years in the same Committee. In such cases, the member has to complete the application form accordingly and contact the related Committee Chair (Chairs) at the same time. Any exception is to be approved by the ECTA Board of Directors.

We are looking forward to receiving your application and thank you in advance for the interest in serving ECTA!
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