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JOIN ECTA NOW! 2023 Membership + Remainder of 2022
This is the most convenient time of the year to join ECTA!

If you become a member now, your membership subscription will cover not only 2023, but also the remainder of 2022. Select the membership category that suits you best and start benefitting from the advantages of being a member!

🟢 Opportunity to network with IP professionals from all around Europe and beyond in a friendly atmosphere;
🟢 Reduced fee for the ECTA Annual Conference and all other ECTA events, such as the Alicante Round Table, the ®etreat and all workshops, webinars and debates organised throughout the year;
🟢 Opportunity to join one of the ECTA Committees during the next General Committee Elections in early 2023! You will be able to follow policy developments on your topic of interest, work on impactful projects and represent ECTA in working groups with EUIPO, WIPO and the European Commission. The Supervisory Board and Committee members only will additionally meet at the ECTA Autumn Meeting;
🟢 Access to the ECTA private site to consult the membership list, follow the work of Committees, read past position papers and projects, among other features. Access to the ECTA Member Guide App to have ECTA always in your pocket;
🟢 Last but not least, you can get yourself noticed in the IP Community by contributing to the ECTA Bulletin and ECTA Member’s Voice news section on our website.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the ECTA family! Should you have any questions, contact us at
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