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Madrid System: Changes to Regulations - Appointing Representatives and Renewals
As communicated by WIPO, a number of changes to the Regulations under the Madrid Protocol have recently entered into force:

1) Appointing representatives

It is no longer possible to appoint a representative through a signed letter. All requests should now be made using the online service Manage your Representative, available under eMadrid.

Although it is still possible to appoint representatives using downloadable Madrid System forms, it is highly recommended to proceed via eMadrid.

Applicants can still appoint a representative at the time of filing an international application (eMadrid or Form MM2); new holders (transferees) can use Change in Ownership under eMadrid (or Form MM5).

2) Renewals

It is now possible to renew international registrations as early as six months before the expiry date, although the renewal date will still coincide with the expiry date. After payment of all fees, the renewal will be recorded, the renewal certificate will be issued, and all designated Madrid System members will be notified.

To make sure all updated information is included in the renewal certificate, any changes to the international registration must be made before the renewal through eMadrid.

To read the official WIPO news, please click here.


The ECTA WIPO-Link Committee and International Trade Committee, inter alia, have advocated for these changes over the past years during our regular Bilateral Meeting with WIPO and are pleased to see these developments.
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