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The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property improves its Trade Marks Register
The BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) integrates AI-powered technology to the search functions available in its Trade marks Register. The main improvements are explained below:

Searching for figurative marks

BOIP has now integrated the latest image recognition technology in the BOIP Trade Marks Register, thereby making searching for figurative marks straightforward. Not only Benelux trade marks will be displayed, but also EU and international trade marks with validity in the Benelux.

Searching for modifications
Through the ‘Modification’ tab, all the modifications made to Benelux trade marks are easily searchable. It is possible to search by modification number or by a combination of the modification publication date and type of modification. The display has also been significantly improved.

Searching for decisions

The ‘BOIP decisions’ tab allows to search for BOIP’s final refusals and, from now on, per ground of refusal.

Simple and advanced searches
Using a single search field is now possible to search for trade marks, as well as trade mark registration and application numbers. The results can be refined through an advanced search, not only when searching for trade marks, but also when searching for modifications to a trade mark registration (e.g. change of address, a transfer, etc.) or for BOIP refusal decisions. Furthermore, it is possible to search for word and/or device components in combination with specific goods and services, all in one go.

Search filters

The search can be specified using search filters (e.g. filing date, goods and services or the holder).
If you would like to find out more about the improvements of the new Trade Marks Register, how to frame the search and interpret the search results, please click here

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