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Today, it is the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day and EUIPO (through the EUIPO Observatory) unveiled two new reports to raise awareness of the damages caused by counterfeiting:

- 2020 Status Report on IPR Infringement: Why IP Rights are important, IPR infringement and the fight against counterfeiting and piracy

According to this new report, the presence of counterfeit goods in the marketplace cause economic and social damage by depriving governments of revenue, and supports other crimes like drug trafficking and money laundering. The research estimates that governments across the EU lose up to € 15 billion per year due to counterfeiting, through reduced direct and indirect taxes, as well as social security contributions, which are not paid by illegal manufacturers. One of the most hit sector is the cosmetics & personal care, where lost sales increased by over EUR 2.5 billion since the last 2019 analysis in this regard.

- IP Crime and its link to other serious crimes (Focus Poly-Criminality)

This new joint EUIPO/Europol report describes how IP crime supports the activities of organised criminal gangs and adds to the growing evidence that counterfeit goods are an attack against society, requiring an international response. It demonstrates through case studies the interconnection between IPR crime and other serious crimes like pharmaceutical crime, drug trafficking, manslaughter, illegal arms possession, forced labour, food fraud, excise duty fraud, VAT fraud, corruption and money laundering. Awareness of such links can help law enforcement officials to better recognise them in future cases, as well as support decision makers in addressing them at a policy level.

ECTA is also actively contributing to the fight against counterfeiting by sharing professional experience and best practices at the EU level and beyond, inter alia in its Anti-Counterfeiting Committee.

To learn more about our ACC Committee, please click here
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