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ECTA Member’s Voice: New Nice Trade Mark Classification System as of 1 January 2024
By Tarik Kapić, ECTA WIPO-Link Committee, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, BOVARD LTD, CH (Assisted by Isabelle Jouret, Trade Mark Professional, BOVARD LTD, CH)

On 1 January 2024, the new Nice Trade Mark Classification system will come into force. The 45 classes of preapproved goods and services have been updated with omissions and notable additions. The changes not only seek to align the Nice classification with the evolving landscape of inventions and technological advancements but also mirror societal changes, ecological awareness and the increasing importance of mental health.

Here are a select few added terms:

Technological Advancements: Augmented reality from entertainment to education and the inclusion of a number of new terms for the trading of cryptocurrency are all notable additions.

Societal Changes: Political correctness can be seen with the term “workmen” having been replaced with the word “worker”. The way we interact, learn and entertain is mirrored in terms such as “content moderation for internet chatrooms", “online retail services for downloadable virtual clothing” or “simulated travel services provided in virtual environments for entertainment purposes".

Advances in Transportation: The Nice Classification 2024 includes terms that represent the frontier of travel, both within the Earth's atmosphere and beyond with “space transport" and "self-driving cars".

Ecological Awareness: As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the Nice Classification system introduces terms such as "production of renewable green energy” or “light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs”.

Unique Consumer Goods: The inclusion for example of "jewellery for pets" reflects the changing dynamics of pet ownership and the increasing demand for specialised consumer goods.

For further information, please refer to Information Notice No. 35/2023.


The views expressed are those of our members and not necessarily of ECTA as an association. The content has not been subjected to a verification process, the accuracy of the information contained in the article is responsibility of the author.

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