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João Negrão
Executive Director, EUIPO, ES

European Union Intellectual Property Office

Executive Director of the EUIPO (October 2023)

President of the EUIPO Boards of Appeal (April 2021)
Under his leadership, the Boards published their first Action Plan, consolidating their role as a quality-oriented and modern IP dispute resolution body, and achieved remarkable results with increased productivity of decision taking activities, including Grand Board decisions, litigation (reaching 86% confirmation rate by the Courts), Consistency Report publication with a total of 14 reports, and the consolidation and expansion of the Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

Director of the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department (2011)
Mr Negrão led the expansion of the EUIPO’s cooperation with national and regional EU IP offices, creating the European Union Intellectual Property Network. In the framework of this cooperation, the EUIPO, together with the national offices of the Member States, developed some of the most advanced IT systems and tools, such as TMview and DESIGNview, which are today fully available, online, in more than 30 languages, and free of charge, to all the users of the IP system.
He also led the creation of the Convergence Programme, which harmonises practices at EU level, and oversaw the expansion of the EUIPO’s international cooperation activities.

Head of Cabinet of the President of the Office (2010)

Before joining the EUIPO, Mr Negrão held different positions in the Portuguese public administration, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/General Directorate for EU Affairs, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Justice/National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). In 2001, he joined INPI in the international relations cabinet, becoming the Head of Cabinet in 2004. In 2008, he was appointed Director of International Relations and Promotion of Innovation at INPI.

João Negrão holds a Master of Laws Degree in International Law and a University Degree in International Relations. He also has a number of high level qualifications in Public Administration Management (National Institute of Administration), Leadership Management and High Performance People Skills for Leaders (London Business School) as well as IP-related courses, such as a general course on IP (WIPO Worldwide Academy) and a specialised course on the practice and functioning of the IP system in the USA (USPTO).