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The EUIPO Observatory shared today its 2023 IP perception study about European citizens’ attitudes towards IP, the degree to which they respect these rights, and the concept that they have of IP as a whole.

The study is based on 25.824 interviews conducted at the beginning of 2023 in all Member States and shows that Europeans are more wary of counterfeits and illegal content, while price remains a deciding factor, especially among younger ones.

According to the report, a vast majority of respondents believe that criminal organisations are behind counterfeits, acknowledge that such purchases harm businesses and employment, as well as support unethical behaviour posing risks to health, safety, and the environment. When it comes to digital piracy, 82% agree that accessing content illegally exposes to scams and inappropriate content for minors.

Nonetheless, the study reveals a disconnect between awareness and behaviour.

31% find it acceptable to buy counterfeit products if the price of the original product is too high. 13% of respondents intentionally purchased counterfeits during the past year, Bulgaria being the leading country with 24% of people who responded this way.

Additionally, 41% of Europeans are uncertain about the legality of the sources they use online. Despite this, 80% prefer to use legal sources if affordable.

To find out more, read the full report here.


ECTA, via the work of its Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, actively contributes to the fight against counterfeiting by sharing professional experience and best practices at the EU level and beyond, raising awareness and promoting educational activities, as well as through its involvement in the EUIPO Observatory working groups, and constant contact with relevant European and international authorities.

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