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European Commission’s Proposals for an EU Customs Reform
The European Commission has recently presented its proposals for a reform of the EU Customs Union, to address the current challenges that EU customs are facing: an increase in trade volumes, especially in e-commerce, a growing number of EU standards to be checked at the border, and geopolitical crises.

The purpose of the measures proposed is to reduce administrative burdens and achieve simplification of customs processes, embracing the digital transformation, as well as provide customs authorities with tools and resources to better assess and stop imports which pose real risks to the EU, its citizens and economy.

A new EU Customs Authority will oversee an EU Customs Data Hub which, over time, will replace the existing customs IT infrastructure in the Member States.

To find out more about the proposals, please read the press release here.


ECTA, through its Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, is analysing the proposals and will submit its comments during the consultation period.
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