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New requirements on submitting evidence to the EUIPO from 1 February 2023
As indicated in the official news here, following the recent Decision No EX-22-7, new rules on submitting evidence on data carriers (USB flash drives, pen drives or similar memory units) to the Office will apply as of 1 February 2023.

In particular:

- Only unlayered PDFs (i.e. standard, static PDF files) are acceptable. Encrypted, executable and/or compressed files are not acceptable;
- 20 Mb is the maximum size of each individual file saved on the data carrier.

When such requirements are not met, the EUIPO will consider an annex, or part of an annex, not to have been filed and no deficiency letter will be sent.

If an annex submitted on a data carrier complies with the requirements, the EUIPO will upload it into the electronic file (DAS). If the combined size of all files on the data carrier exceeds 1 GB, the data carrier is accepted but the EUIPO is not obliged to upload its content into the electronic file due to possible technical constraints.
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