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EU Regulation on GI protection for craft and industrial products entered into force
The Regulation on GI protection for craft and industrial products entered into force yesterday, twenty days past its publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

The new Regulation establishes a harmonised framework for the protection of geographical indications for EU craft and industrial products and introduces the opportunity for EU and non-EU countries to obtain a uniform GI protection in the EU. Pursuant to this Regulation, the EUIPO has been designated as the EU competent authority in respect for GIs for craft and industrial products.

The examination and registration process will, normally, consist of two phases (standard procedure):

1. Producers will initiate the filing of their GI applications with the Member States’ designated competent authorities for national level assessment.
2. Successful applications will then be forwarded by national authorities for further evaluation and approval by the EUIPO.

A direct application procedure to the EUIPO (direct registration procedure) will be available for producers of Member States that obtain from the European Commission a derogation from the obligation to set up a national system.

The new system will be applicable from 1 December 2025. From this date onwards, it will be possible to apply for registration of a GI. Existing national rights will cease to exist one year after, on 2 December 2026.

For general information on the legal framework concerning GIs and the new system visit the recently published EUIPO GI Hub.

To read the official news update, please click here.


“The new regulation is a major step towards recognising high quality craft and industrial products manufactured on the basis of their strong link to their geographical origin. Finally, these products will receive the same well-deserved protection as agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines and spirit drinks”, says Andrea Ringle, Chair of the ECTA Geographical Indications Committee.

ECTA has contributed regularly with the help of our dedicated Geographical Indications Committee during the public consultations on GI and non-agri GI topics in the recent years. ECTA is also regularly holding GI related events and discussions, including, most recently, the ECTA Alicante Round Table in March 2023 on the GI reform, and a session dedicated to non-agri GIs during the ECTA Annual Conference in Prague in June 2023.

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