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Happy World IP Day! Join the Buzz of the ECTA Hive!
Happy World IP Day! This year’s theme is 'IP and Sustainable Development Goals', highlighting how intellectual property can amplify the innovative and creative solutions that are so crucial to building our common future.

Sustainability will be the focus of the ECTA Annual Conference in Antwerp (19-22 June 2024) and, today, we are thrilled to announce a special initiative: for every Conference attendee 1€ will be donated toward the adoption of an ECTA beehive in Belgium!

Bees are the heroes of our ecosystem, fostering biodiversity and playing a pivotal role in pollination and ecological balance. We are happy to cooperate with Bees-Api Brussels, a group of passionate beekeepers, who will establish and be the guardians of our ECTA hive with utmost respect for nature and using sustainable methods that prioritize the health of bees and their habitat.

Conference attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with our beekeepers at a dedicated booth in Antwerp, support them, and gain deeper insights into the vital role of bees in our environment.

We aspire to make a positive impact through our ECTA community and help preserve the natural beauty of our planet. Join the buzz and BEE an attendee!
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