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ECTA-WIPO Bilateral Meeting in Geneva
Yesterday, ECTA and WIPO held their Bilateral Meeting at WIPO Headquarters in Geneva to discuss topics of mutual interest and importance, such as, among others:

• Most important Madrid, Hague and Lisbon systems’ developments;
• WIPO's main developments and plans, particularly in the context of SMEs, technological developments and AI-based tools;
• Information about recent developments in the SCT in the run up to the upcoming Diplomatic Conferences;
• Update on WIPO strategy to support the fight against counterfeiting and pirated goods and services;
• and a number of other practical IP topics.

ECTA was represented by Mladen Vukmir (President), Julien Scicluna (Secretary General), Anna Ostanina (Head of Legal Affairs), Bernard Volken (WIPO-Link Committee Chair), Valeria Conidi (WIPO-Link Committee Vice-Chair), Beatrix Breitinger (WIPO-Link Committee Secretary) and Arnaud Lellinger (WIPO-Link Committee Member).

We are extremely grateful to WIPO for the warm welcome, the very productive meeting and for the fruitful cooperation and open dialogue we have established over the past years as well as to our expert team for their high level of expertise which is indispensable for the quality of this cooperation and regular exchange.

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